28th World Congress of Lymphology (20-24/9/2021)

Χώρος Διεξαγωγής: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Αθήνα

The World Congress of Lymphology is the largest multidisciplinary congress that discusses all aspects of the related diseases under one roof, offering courses and lectures by some of the world’s most distinguished experts, as well as workshops and posters sessions, having as its main goal to contribute to the progress of the entire field of Lymphology. At the same time, the Congress prides itself on providing a stage for young upcoming talents to present their research to a first-rate audience.

 Ιt is an honor to invite all of you, both those exclusively working in the field of lymphology and those interested in it, in order to come together with the mutual scope of promoting this field for the benefit of the patients afflicted by lymphatic diseases.

Ιστοσελίδα Συνεδρίου: www.isl2021lymphology.com

Email: lymphology@concopco.com