Announcing FIGO’s partnership with FP2030

Announcing FIGO’s partnership with FP2030

FIGO’s Committee on Contraception is proud to announce a partnership with Family Planning 2030 (FP2030). Our Committee on Contraception has made a global commitment to FP2030’s mission, joining a community of organisations dedicated to advancing rights-based family planning around the world.

About FP2030

FP2030 is the only global partnership centred solely on family planning. FP2030 brings together the widest possible range of partners across disciplines and sectors, while situating family planning at the crossroads of the global health, development and gender equality agendas.

Expanding on the successes and lessons from the last nine years, FP2030 and its network of new and renewed commitment makers bring forward our greatest strengths. This community of organisations embraces new ways of working and organises our efforts to reflect a core commitment to equitable and rights-based approaches, country leadership, inclusion, transparency and mutual accountability. FIGO is really thrilled to join this partnership.