MSc in Human Reproduction

MSc in Human Reproduction

The Medical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is starting a new “MSc on Human Reproduction” for healthcare professionals, especially obstetricians-gynecologists and endocrinologists, as well as graduates from the Departments of Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics and other Departments of relevant academic fields. This MSc aims to extend the knowledge of the students on the subject of Human Reproduction. Its graduates will be able to work in positions of public and private sector, which require specialized knowledge on the subject of medically assisted reproduction, a necessity for a modern medical curriculum vitae. In addition, the possession of this MSc degree constitutes a requirement for further post-graduate studies or for the engagement in medical research.

The main features of this MSc, which make it especially attractive, are:

  • Efficient time management: From October until February (12 months), the students will complete a 75 ECTS program that includes nine modules (Research Methodology- Biostatistics, Female Reproductive Endocrinology, Male Reproductive Endocrinology, Repro- ductive Genetics and Stem Cells, Infertility, Ovarian Stimulation and Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Special Topics in Human Reproduction, Pre-implantation Diagnosis, Bioethics of Reproduction), as well as an MSc
  • Blended learning: Combination of onsite and online learning, to allow optimal time manage- Only three weeks of onsite teaching (one week in October, one in December and one in March) to ensure minimal physical presence.
  • English language: To ensure an international group of distinguished tutors and an interna- tional class of fellow students, all modules are held in
  • Affordable fees: Fees are paid in three divided doses, making this MSc an attractive and af- fordable option for busy

For further information, please, visit and contact MSc secretariat at

Application forms for the MSc in Human Reproduction are available at the website and will be accepted during the period May 25 to June 22, 2020.